Some of many cases we have settled

$6.75 million- settlement of Truck accident. A 35 year old huband and father from Hunterdon county rendered quadripalegic when his vehicle was struck by a commercial Truck.
$650 thousand - settlement for a 42 year old single woman from New Milford for a fall on commercial premises and fracturing foot requiring mulitiple surgeries and revisions to both feet.
$590 thousand - settlement of motor vehicle accident for 42 year old clerical secretary and mother from Hackensack, who's vehicle was struck by 2 vehicles suffered Knee and back injury back surgery to address neurological deficits and pain.
$300 thousand- settlement for 70 year old woman for fall on condominium property causing bilateral fractures to the wrist with surgery and external fixation. Premise maintenance was found negligent in the removal of ica and snow.
$300,000 settlement for 78 year old pedestrian emerson woman, suffering head neck and back injuries as a struck by a motor vehicle.
230 verdict - for 47 year old woman who vehicle was struck by a another vehicle as she was emerging from a driveway causing severe Knee injury requiring multiple surgeries.
$100,000 verdict- 50 year old husband and father for motor vehicle accident causing neck and knee issues and requiring surgery.
$100 thousand settlement for facial scarring and plastic surgery with revisions for a 28 year old motor vehicle passenger from Hackensack for accident on the Garden State Parkway.
$100 thousand settlement for a 90 year old man for hip fracture when his vehicle was struck by a commercial garbage truck requiring surgery to revise a prior hip replacement.
$100 thousand settlement 75 year old westwood woman for hip fracture with surgery from fall on commercial premises. The clothing store was negligent in use and display of clothing racks which caused the fall.