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It isn't easy to think about your life coming to a close, but it is satisfying to look at what you've accomplished and see how you'll continue to care for your loved ones. A will and trust attorney in Westwood, New Jersey can help you start planning for the future, no matter your age, health or the size of your estate.

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What's Involved in Estate Planning?

When you make an appointment for estate planning services, an attorney will help you...

Draft your will: A last will and testament is the basic estate planning document. Unless you make your wishes clear, your estate will be distributed according to New Jersey law.

Set up trusts: Trusts can remove property and assets from your estate, minimizing the probate process. This minimizes taxes and helps your family avoid probate.

Create a living will: As part of your plan, you should create a living will to explain your wishes regarding medical procedures to extend your life.

Powers of attorney: Authorize a trusted person to handle your affairs temporarily, in case you become incapacitated.

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